Hardpoint status can be determined by their colour – blue is active and will connect to any bot or other hardpoint they touch. Left clicking on a connected point will disconnect it. Below the effect of bumping into a hardpoint chain of connected frames (picture 1 and 2).

In early game you do not spawn active frames (which have no hardpoints), you can activate them by shooting them with the drill.

Hardpoint WeldsEdit

Right clicking welds the hardpoint and turns it green for a more rigid structure. Do mind you need the 'Weld Hardpoints' update in the linkam research tree, in order to make hardpoint welds! Above the effect of bumping into a hardpoint weld chain of connect frames (picture 3 and 4).

Powered HardpointEdit


Powered structure!

The most common way for hardpoints to get power is from the solar frame or the power frame. You could also use 'detectors', 'trigger bindings' or the 'overloader'. The powered condition makes hardpoints start to sparkle.

Any bot in a powered hardpoint will use its active ability constantly, as will your builder bot in a powered super frame.

Specialised DockEdit

Yellow points are specialised and will only dock with a single bot type. When the bot’s active ability is triggered, the frame is triggered instead.

Powered LauncherEdit

Purple points are found only on Powered Launchers and fire off anything connected when power is applied.


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