Unpowered Nuke Frame

The nuke frame is in many ways similar to the solar frame. Two major differences:

1) The nuke frame needs to be powered by a type of energy frame.

2) The nuke frame explodes when it breaks destroying objects nearby.

The research to unlock the nuke frame is called 'Nuke Frame' and can be found in the destructium research tree.



Simple setup (not recommended)

Since the application is pretty much the same as the solar frame, except for the addition of any energy frame. I recommend using a anchor frame like in the solar frame example. The build to the right is not really protected, so if anything attached and broke the nuke, it would blow the power frame and the hopper frame to pulp.

The most commonly used way to power the nuke frame is by power frame, although in combination with the solar frame it could be a nice farm. Do mind you can't turn the power off on a solar frame.


The nuke frame costs 100 yellow ores and 350 red ores to create. It will however supply you with unlimited red ores!


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