Research is done by killing the different creatures you meet in the Oresome universe. Every creature killed will help unlocking new things from the tech-tree if your builder bot or a brain bot is nearby.

Just hit the R key on your keyboard and the research menu will show up. The different tech-trees need different creatures and minerals to be unlocked step by step.

By double clicking on your desired research it will be bought (shown by a blue box around the icon), if you have the required resources(the required amount increases after each research you make and is shown at the top left side of the research menu) and killed enough monsters of the right kind (which is shown below the tree).

The amount of killed creatures required for each tech level increases ten fold. So for the first tech level 1, the next 10, the next 100, till at the end of the tech tree.

An example of the energite research tree can be found on the right.

All the research has been split into 3 categories. To see the research trees be explained in detail, click on the research trees. You can also find information about the enemies, by clicking on the enemies. (feature to be added)

You can easily see the research trees, what enemies to kill to get points on the research trees and what ores are required for this research tree.

Simple ResearchEdit

This will be all the research on the following research trees:

Research Tree Enemie to kill Ore
Energite Spiker Bioform
Green ore
Linkam Bouncer Bioform
Blue Ore
Massiate Latcher Bioform
Yellow Ore
Destructium Drifter Bioform
Red Ore

Advance Research

This will be all the research on the following research trees:

Research Tree Enemie to kill Ore
Constructa Bob Bioform
Cyan Ore
Thinkon Sam Bioform
Pink Ore
Repulside Ray Bioform
Orange Ore
Gravium Stu Bioform
Purple Ore

End Research

This will be all the research on the portal research tree:

Research Tree Enemie to kill Ore
Portal Stone Maw Bioform
White Ore

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